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Calm - Stress Relief Supplement

Veterinarian formulated dog calming chews made with natural ingredients. The soft chews offer a responsible and safe alternative to sedative prescription drugs without drowsiness.

✔   Relieve firework, thunderstorm, loud noise or travel caused anxiety
✔   Tackle barking, chewing, pacing, reactivity, hyperactivity, or aggressive behavior
✔   Fast-acting - results in 30 minutes 
✔   Veterinarian formulated with all-natural ingredients
   50 soft chews per jar
   Dogs LOVE the taste and take it as a treat!

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Discover how dogs are getting relief from anxiety with Lively Paws Calm supplement

  • As a rescue and survivor of abuse, I suffer from severe anxiety. This past weekend we had thunderstorms so I spent hours shaking and pacing around. Mom hates to medicate me and gave these chews a try as a natural alternative and they worked! (The have lemon balm, green tea, and tryptophan). ⁣

    Sara (@rumithewhirlingpuggle), owner of Rumi
  • When it rains, Blanche starts to get nervous anticipating possible thunder. We've started using @getlivelypaws Calm supplement to ease her and it has definitely made a difference! She hasn't been shaking like she normally would and she seems more at ease in general which is so great to see. 💙 If you have a nervous pup, check out their products!

    Mandy (@blanche_and_duckie), owner of 7 year old Blanche
  • Nunu was a quiet dog. His new brother Alex was not. When in one place, they were an explosion waiting to happen. That's why my house looks like it was ravaged by a seasonal tornado. It's in pieces most of the times because of the trouble that these two dumdums would get themselves in. They're constantly playing, talking and nipping each other like animals straight out of the Discovery Channel… actually, more like little rascals from Shark Week! That’s my life... well, until I found Calm treats.

    My morning routine would start with a bit of yelling to break up their wrestles, something like "hey! Calm your tits or else!"Occasionally, it did the trick. More often than not, the temporary truce would fade away as quickly as it came and they would be back at it again. However, after I started giving Nunu and Alex these Calming treats, things changed. Now they are like little angels who had come straight out of heaven. You could never guess what Tasmanian devil they house inside of them. The best part - both keep coming back for more! They are even learning tricks for the treats. I am definitely coming back for more!

    Jeff H. Sr. has 3-year-old Alex and 4-year-old Nunu


Dogs like humans can easily get stressed. Every dog owner has seen their dog being upset by thunderstorms, loud noises or new environments. That's why we set our to bring you an effective, natural and well-tasting remedy to help our furry friends. Lively Paws Calm is an effective soft chew designed to help your dog when they're nervous, stressed, or hyperactive.  



    The active ingredients in the dog calming treats are well known for their ability to elevate serotonin levels, which helps reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.


    Calming treats for dogs offer additional support to help your dog cope with stressful stimuli, such as thunderstorms and fireworks.


    Anxiety often goes hand in hand with stomach sensitivities. Lemon balm is a natural sedative to help with anxiety and is commonly used to improve digestion and stomach issues.


Natural calming aid veterinarian formulated and made with all-natural ingredients to alleviate symptoms of stress

  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

    Better known as Vitamin B1, is a key building block in the central nervous system. Appropriate intake helps your dog avoid mental confusion, muscle weakness, reduced appetite and nervousness, while soothing anxious and stressed pets.
  • Green Tea Powder (L-Theanine)

    An amino acid abundant found in green tea. Ingredient widely used for thousands of years in Asian veterinary medicine known to reduce stress and promotes calm behavior.
  • Lemon Balm

    A mint family herb shown to increased calmness and decreased alertness in the face of stress for dogs.
  • L-Tryptophan

    One of the foundational amino acids. It plays an essential role in the regulation of mood, anxiety, appetite and sleep in dogs. Tryptophan is required for the production of serotonin, a chemical in the brain, that calms anxiety and reduces aggression.


You can give your dog calming treats as training rewards or include them in his meals. Chews are given based on weight. Refer to the dosage chart on the product label for more information.


How quickly do calming treats for dogs work?

Since each dog is unique, each will respond differently to the active ingredients in the chews. The chews need to pass through the digestive system before the body can absorb the active ingredients. This typically takes about an hour.

Do calming treats work on all dogs?

The active ingredients in the chews have been shown to be effective in promoting relaxation and calmness among dogs in general; however, just like people, all dogs are unique. Each dog will respond differently.

Are calming treats for dogs safe?

Absolutely. The ingredients in our dog calming treats are completely natural, FDA approved, and safe for dogs to consume.

Can dog supplements help relieve stress?

Yes, dog supplements can be effective at relieving stress and anxiety and helping your dog relax. In particular, the amino acids L-theanine and L-tryptophan help reduce your dog’s stress response and promote relaxation. Calming herbs like chamomile and valerian are natural sedatives that can also promote a calmer state in your dog.

Do I need to give these supplements with food?

Calming treats for dogs can be given alone as training rewards or as part of your dog’s meals. They do not have to be given with food.

How do I know how much I should order?

Each container includes 50 chews. Refer to the directions for use to determine how many chews your dog will need on a daily basis. For dogs that get one chew per day, one container will last 50 days.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

My boxer is so terrified of thunderstorms so I got these calm chews and gave them to her during our recent thunderstorm and within a half hour, her shakes were gone and she was resting peacefully! These are a must have for the anxiety dogs endure during thunderstorms and fireworks! Wish I would have had them for the fireworks but I do now and I’m so blessed! My dogs love the taste of them as well!

We See Improvement!

My girl pittie struggles with anxiety to begin with. Add environmental factors like construction, seasonal activities, and fireworks and I have one stressed out puppy. We started using these Calm chews recently and see a difference where we have not had success before. Its also only 1 chew versus say handfuls of cbd treats that didnt do anything. We are excited and will be exploring other products as well.

Great for anxious dogs

My boy is a rescue and survivor of abuse and suffers from severe anxiety. During thunderstorms he shakes and paces. I hate to medicate him so I gave these a try. After about 39 minutes, he settled down and was able to relax. I love that they are all natural too! Recommend!

Gillian W.
Helped with my rescue dog!

Lively Paws Calm supplements helped my newly adopted Dane mix learn how to calm down! This has been detrimental in the safety of himself & others, as he had not been trained before rescue. We’re very thankful for Lively Paws for making the training easier!

Absolutely love them!

I’ve been giving them to Brindi once a day all week & I absolutely love them. She hasn’t been trying to wrestle Mitzi & has been relaxed which is super surprising since her walks have been shortened extremely due to heartworm precautions!