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Wellness - Dog Probiotics

Probiotics for dog support to enhance natural gut flora, prevent the growth of harmful gut bacteria, support proper digestive function, and minimize smelly gas.

   90 duck flavored chews to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters
   Suitable for sensitive stomachs
   Results visible in as little as 2 weeks


Discover how dogs are getting relief from Lively Paws gut health supplement

  • I have a 10-week old puppy that was very gassy and I was starting to transition his food so his poop was really soft. Also, he had kennel cough and an upper respiratory infection. I have to say with this probiotic I have seen a pretty big difference. His poop is normal, no more gas, and he has a lot more energy throughout the day. I'm pretty impressed with this product.

    TARA has 10-week-old Husky named Jack
  • I'm crying as I write this review it's very rare I comment on a product. I have been through a to z to try to find the right dog food for my dog since he was a puppy, 5 years later still nothing but stomach problems digestive problems it has gotten so bad here lately his stool does nothing but run with blood in it, my vet had put him on prescription dog food with no luck, so after reading the reviews on this probiotics I was going to give it a try, after the first day his stool was much better the 3rd day was unbelievable I could not believe it I have not seen firm stool from my dog since he was a puppy this stuff is unbelievable when the vet could not even solve the problem. ALL I CAN SAY IS IF YOUR DOG HAS DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS JUST GIVE IT A TRY HOPEFULLY YOU GET MY RESULTS. Now my lab is back to normal eating just about anything he wants thank you so much probiotics please don't quit making this product thank you.

    Kate has 7-year-old Labrador Retriever named Teddy


Digestion is easily impacted by factors like poor diet, stress, and underlying health issues—and poor digestion can quickly undermine a dog's overall well being. Quality probiotics can help restore the good bacteria in your dog's gut to normalize digestion and enhance immunity.




    Our unique combination of prebiotics and probiotics helps enhance good gut flora while discouraging the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause health challenges.


    Lively Paws chews are specifically formulated to support gut health to normalize digestion, improve smelly breath, and reduce gas.


    FOS fibers increase the amount of material in the intestinal tract to help stimulate regular bowel movements.


    Free or corn, wheat, and artificial ingredients that make dogs prone to stomach upset.


Better ingredients. Better health. We only use ingredients backed by real research.

  • Probiotics

    Probiotics promote the growth of good gut flora while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. This balance helps improve digestion, fight disease, and enhance overall health. it can also help resolve skin, respiratory tract, and genital-urinary tract problems.
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

    FOS are soluble fibers and prebiotics that nurture beneficial microbes and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract. Because FOS is not digested by the body, it will increase the amount of material in the intestinal tract and stimulate the elimination process.

How to Use the Product

Give the appropriate number of chews to your dog each day following this chart. The chews can be given as a snack or a treat or crumbled onto your dog’s food.

For optimal results, use for at least 30 days. We do not recommend that you exceed the specified dosage.


Is the product gluten and gain free?

Wellness chews don't contain corn, wheat, sugar, salt, gumming agents, artificial preservatives or artificial colorings. These ingredients have been avoided in our supplement as they are known to cause miserable allergies.

Our chews contain oat and rye flour and are not grain-free or gluten-free.

Where are these products manufactured?

Our products are made in the stunning valley of the Green Mountains, next to Missouri River in Williston, Vermont. 

Do I need to give these supplements with food?

Wellness chews can be given alone as training rewards or as part of your dog’s meals.

If your dog is recommended to take more than one chew a day, we suggest splitting the chews out across the day.

For dogs with sensitive tummies, we recommend giving probiotics AFTER meals to minimize the risk of upsetting their digestive system.

Where to find the product expiration date?

To find the expiration date for your product, look at the bottom right of your product label and find numbers written in the following format:


YYYY  indicates the manufacturing date. For instance, 0620, stands for June 2020 manufacturing date. Since our products have a 24-month shelf life, the expiration date is June 2022.

How do I know how much I should order?

The amount you should order depends on the weight of your dog. The recommended daily dosages are:

• Up to 15 lbs - 1 chew
• 15 - 45 lbs - 2 chews
• 46 - 75 lbs - 3 chews
• over 75 lbs - 4 chews

For optimal results, we suggest regularly feeding your dog for at least 30 days.

What if my dog does not like the taste?

Our customers have found that masking the smell does a lot. If your dog is picky, you can soak them in meat drippings, butter or coconut oil and the dog will eat it.

Having said that, we know that our little pups can be quite picky about their food. Thus, if your dog is just not a fan, you can use our 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

What happens if my dog eats all at once?

You should immediately seek to see a veterinarian. You should also try to disrupt your pet's digestive system to cause vomiting.

Is it soft chews or hard?

Depending on the lot, the chews could be harder or softer. It's the natural ingredients that make each lot different. You could break them up and put them in your dog's food, that's an idea.

Can you give these to a small dog?

Yes, our products have been crafted in such a way that they could be used for every dog from the youngest pups to the most elderly veteran dog. All you need to do is follow the recommended feeding guidelines to ensure that the appropriate amount of the supplement is provided to your dog not to upset its stomach.

What is the size of chews?

They are approximately 0.75 in x 0.4 in

What's the shelf life of these products?

Our products are good to use for 24 months, assuming they were stored in a cool dry place.

If treats are exposed to heat, direct sunlight, or are not properly sealed after using them, the natural moisture of ingredients tends to evaporate. This making them harder and not as enjoyable for your furry friend. 

Our chews do not contain artificial colors, dyes or harmful preservatives, so while they may not stay as fresh as others for a very long time, we believe that your pup's health is much more important.

Is it bad if they eat more than the daily recommendation?

Our supplements are naturally sourced and very safe for pets. When a pet ingests a large amount of our supplements, there may be some stomach upset. However, there's no harm if your dog ingested a couple extra chews.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Woww woww woww

My boy had a fit from toxins and ever since had tummy issues and we wanted to try probiotics these have been amazing his tummy is completely back to normal look forward to trying more of there products soon

Good stuff!

These are the best probiotics I've found for my dogs. No more grass eating, much less shedding and skin problems, and their energy level is great. I feed a raw food diet and these are a great compliment to that. They love the taste too unlike a couple other brands I tried.

So far so good

I have 2 Jack Russell's and 1 if them has the bad habit of eating her own poo and her sisters poo. I have read soo much when it comes to this and have tried tons of different things to get her to stop. Probiotics are good for us as well as our 4 legged friends. I have been giving them these soft chews for almost 2 weeks now. Our poo eater seems to have stopped with her bad habit. These treats are the perfect size for my small pups. They are soft and have a strong smell which they love. I'm gonna keep giving them to them and will follow up on if it has continued to help with the feces eating.

Helping her stomach issues!

It's working! I have been able to stop giving my 16 1/2 year old dalmatian the expensive prescription powder and expensive prescription hydrolyzed dog food for her diarrhea! A different probiotic helped a little, but not completely. This seems to do the trick! The only negative is my dog (who's NOT picky when it comes to food) will not eat these like treats. I need to crumble up and put in her food. As long as that works and it's helping it's totally worth it!

Love it!

A great all round healthy treat for dogs.