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Based on 158 reviews
Great product

Not only does our dog love them, they have cleared up what looked like a heat rash that he got off and on in the crook of his legs!

My 9 years old pup was having trouble getting up and your product has in the short time of using it, has made a drastic change. Thank you for thinking of our pets. Much ❤️

Great product, love it

My dog loves the probiotic taste and i love how they've improved her poops.
Totally recommended

Florida thunder storms, We got this !

The Lively Paws Calm has really helped my two Corgi's stay calm during the loud Florida thunder and lightening storms. They are 1 and 3 years old. It has made a big difference in their comfort level. Love this product!

We love these to help us stay calm!

These are so helpful when our mommy has to go out. We are pandemic pups and not used to being alone so we have separation anxiety. These really help us remain calm. They also taste really good!

Good for any age!

Even though the Longevity supplement is intended for Senior Dogs, I find that this supplement has helped my dog who is just 3 years old. When receiving the product, the chews were soft and they remained soft until my pup completed the supplements. I love that they do not contain any corn, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, potatoes, potato starch, sugar, GMO or artificial preservatives or fillers. I truly believe these help my GSD with his allergies. I've noticed less scratching despite it being allergy season. Super helpful and would purchase again!

Best ever!

Really love these chews! Duke has been waking up full of life and so much more playful! We’ve tried other brands and never saw much of a difference but after being on these for a month, I can tell his hips are much happier!

Love!! This product.

My rescue dog is really old and spent most of her life in a puppy mill. She seems to hurt all over. After about 3 weeks with mobility, she is happy, playing, and in a more active. Thank you Lively Paws!!

Good results

I have been on the hunt for the best probiotics that actually work. I’ve tried to many and didn’t see any results. As soon as I switched over to lively paws I noticed the results. His 💩 wasn’t as squishy. And he wasn’t as gassy. He will eat them in his food or as treats. I recommend this product

Helpful with separation anxiety

Helps our dog with separation anxiety when we leave during the day! Texture is a little hard but can be easily broken up if needed! Hopefully good product 👍

Game changer!

Our rescue dog Gunner has always been a nervous dog with separation anxiety. As some changes took place in our family, it was sadly getting worse for him. We came across the Calm supplements and decided it was worth a try. Gunner takes his supplements no problem and best of all, we've noticed his anxiety has curbed. He does not pace around or dart from window to window as much anymore. We are so relieved to see him able to relax. We've already recommended this to a family friend and will gladly recommend it to anyone who has a dog struggling. It's absolutely worth a try!


My rescue pup, Molly, an Australian cattle dog, suffers from separation anxiety. She was a mess when I left her alone and a mess after I got back for awhile. We had tried everything! I was so sad and didn’t want to give her prescription medication.
Then I found LivelyPaws and they’re like a miracle in a delicious chew!
The first time I gave it to her I left for 4 hours. When I got home she was relaxing on the couch. Usually she’s at the door jumping 6 feet in the air and nipping at my clothes.
I feel so much better about leaving her now and I know that SHE is safe and calm while I’m gone!
Thank you so much for this product!

Great product!

A total game changer!! My 2 year old dog gets really anxious with storms and loud noises. These calm her down quickly and keep her calm. Certainly a must have!

Mobility - Dog Joint Supplements
Teagan Charles
The Best Supplements

My two corgis loved these supplements! I’m so glad I found a healthy supplement that I feel great about feeding to my pups.

Mobility - Dog Joint Supplements
Danielle Withrow

We loved this supplement. My dog looked forward to seeing the container and getting his treats, he did literally almost anything for one! After 2 weeks we can already see improvement in his mobility. He’s a tripod, so it makes a big difference.

Mobility - Dog Joint Supplements
5 Star Review!!

Love love these Mobility joint chews! They’ve changed my German shepherd’s life for the best! The special treat is something she looks forward to every day and knowing it’s benefiting her life for the better makes it even more wholesome!

Mobility - Dog Joint Supplements
Preventative Healthcare

We use the MOBILITY joint care supplements from Lively Paws as a preventative health supplement for our 6 year old labradoodle hoping she will live a long and healthy and active life. She loves the daily "treat" and for us it's a peace of mind and extra insurance that she gets a high quality product that might help her stay active for a long, long time!

Dog Probiotic Chews with Prebiotic
Ytzaen Barrientos
Happy with results

I have tried other probiotics and they don’t seem to work as well. My dog has a sensitive stomach and his 💩 would come out really squishy. After trying these probiotics I’ve noticed a change. Not only is his 💩 getting more firmer but he’s not as gassy. It’s only been 2 weeks so I’m hoping to see more results

Delicious and so effective

My 9-year-old dog is super picky but gobbles these up every day! In one month of having them daily his energy has increased—he can walk further and actually enjoys playing!

Mobility - Dog Joint Supplements
Kim Weaver
Great product

My 7 yr old bulldog has been limping for a while, and for the past 4 wks after she started taking this mobility chews she walks great once again, what an amazing change , I am soo pleased

Woww woww woww

My boy had a fit from toxins and ever since had tummy issues and we wanted to try probiotics these have been amazing his tummy is completely back to normal look forward to trying more of there products soon

Good stuff!

These are the best probiotics I've found for my dogs. No more grass eating, much less shedding and skin problems, and their energy level is great. I feed a raw food diet and these are a great compliment to that. They love the taste too unlike a couple other brands I tried.

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